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The entire premise behind the 'Two' in Two Pharmacy is that with every transaction, two people's health will benefit; yours, and the health and wellbeing of someone in need.

Now, more than ever we want to focus our attention locally and help nurture the roots of our community. 


In nature, it is a tree's roots that is the foundation for providing the nutrients and minerals it needs to survive. The roots of one tree then subsequently provide support to the surrounding soil. One root system can have far reaching impacts for the health of the forest, however with more roots from a variety of plants the forest flourishes and creates a beautiful diverse ecosystem. We want to help support more roots, we want to grow a stronger more diverse community. We know we are stronger together.


Through our Community Roots program we commit to donating a percentage of sales through the till each month to a local organization or fundraiser. The more sales, the more is donated to your cause.

If selected, we hope that you will encourage your supporters, and clients to support us throughout the month leading to the largest donation possible. 

Please fill out the short form below to apply to be a recipient of our Community Roots Partnership Program. 


Tell us about your organization...

Thanks for submitting.

We will be in contact with you soon.



January: Kimmett Cup (In Support of: Make-A-Wish, Activettes, KidSport, Helping Families Handle Cancer) $4,924.10
February: Helping Hands Society/CNOY 2023 $4,318.85
Seniors on The Bow of Cochrane & Area (Seniors Week),
Cochrane FCSS (Mental Health Awareness Week),
Lofts on The Bow (AED for Residents) $5,069.52

April: Cochrane Pregnancy Care Centre $4,620.61
May: Cochrane Society for Housing Options $4,894.15

2022 TOTAL $51,004

Kimmett Cup (In Support of: Make-A-Wish) $4700
February: Helping Hands Society/CNOY 2022 $5000
March: Bethany Cochrane $4600
Wayfinders Wellness Retreat $3400
Bow Valley High Grad $500
Cochrane High Grad $500
Big Hill Lodge $4,380.57
June: Route 22 Artist Collective $4,366.64

July: Cultivate Cochrane $4,637.69
August: Cochrane Kiwanis $4,346.19
September: Girl Guides of Cochrane $4,651.75
October:  Cochrane Track & Field Association  $4,779.00 
November: Meira Memorial Fund $5,142.30 
December: Cochrane Activettes

2021 TOTAL $51,500
January: Big Hill Lodge $4200
February: Bethany Cochrane $3700
March: Cochrane & Area Humane Society $4300
April: Helping Hands Society of Cochrane and Area $4200
May: Cochrane Pregnancy Care Centre $4300
June: Wayfinders Wellness Retreat $4100
July: Cochrane Lions Club (In Memory of Bob Smid) $4000
August: Frank Wills Memorial Hall $3900
September: Boys & Girls Club Cochrane & Area $4500
October: Elevate: Cochrane's Wellness Weekend $5000
November: Big Hill Haven $4400
Cochrane Activettes $4900


WE brings clean water, education, food and healthcare to different communities around the world!

Volunteering Group

Cochrane Urgent Care Centre, Cochrane Activettes, Cochrane Legion, Cochrane Humane Society, Cochrane Pregnancy Care Centre, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Big Hill Haven, Alberta Cancer Foundation, Cochrane Lions Club, Cystic Fibrosis Alberta, Cerebral Palsy Alberta, Big Hill Lodge, Tapestry of Women, Cochrane Activettes, Cochrane Lions Club, Basic Health International, Cochrane Rotary, Bethany, Seniors for Kids Society

Sports Facility

Footstock, Kimmett Cup, Spray Lakes Sawmills Recreation Centre, Cochrane Rangers, Calgary Colts, Equine Assisted Learning, Cochrane Curling Club, Cochrane Junior Curling, Special Olympics Alberta, Cochrane Rockies RIngette, Mountin View Junior Rodeo, Bow Valley AA Timberwolves, Rival Boxing Gym, Yelnats Cup, Monumental Tournament of Aces, Bike Cochrane Society

Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle

Westbrook School, Bow Valley High School, Cochrane High School

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