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Initial consult and follow-up is by appointment only.

Appointments are also available by zoom.


Walk-in is available for supplement assessments.

Sheena Huculak, BN, CHN, BPC


Sheena is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Bulletproof Health Coach.  

Sheena graduated from the U of C Nursing program in 2004 and worked as a Registered Nurse for 14 years. After working as a nurse for a short time Sheena started to realize there was a huge missing component in allopathic medicine and started to question what role diet and lifestyle played in the disease process. To fill this gap Sheena studied with the Canadian Society of Natural Nutrition and graduated as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in 2006.  Her passion for health and wellness has grown and evolved immensely over the past decade and she has continued to learn and grow in the thick of her own health journey, navigating autoimmune diseases. 

Sheena is passionate about helping others on their health and healing journeys.

Please read below for her offerings.


2 Appointments:

1.5 hour initial

30 min follow up


Multiple forms to complete prior to session

Have you already tried a gluten-free, paleo, keto or any other diet plan, and didn't get the results you were looking for?

I have heard that from so many people over the years! 

Many of these diets can be useful and helpful but most people don't stick with it long term when they find that their issues are still present.

There is usually a deeper root cause at play that diet alone cannot address. Many people are experiencing chronic complex, multi system health issues.

The difference in my approach is that I create individualized care plans, which simply means, what works for someone else likely isn't going to work for you in the same way.

I address diet and lifestyle with each individual in a unique way, we look at all the epigenetic factors that apply to your health, diet, hydration, movement, sleep hygiene, nervous system imbalances, mindset, environmental factors (toxins, EMFs, light exposure) and more!


Our initial consultation is set up in 2 appointments. 

In the first appointment (1.5 hour) I will be gathering information from you and learning more about your unique health concerns and your goals. I will be making general recommendations throughout this appointment. When you return for your follow up appointment (30 minutes) you will have a full health plan to work off of that will address all areas of your health.  

The initial consultation is where I gather enough information for me to make the best recommendations on what your unique plan will be, the second appointment is when we move deeper into your personalized plan of diet and lifestyle modifications, the science and research and set specific goals for you to move towards.



1 Hour

Accountability keeps you striving towards your goals.

The need for continuous support and coaching changes from client to client.

A follow up appointment will include assessing how you feeling, what symptoms you are experiencing, what condition or disease you are working to heal and discussing your protocol recommendations.

This will be assessed on an individual basis to ensure your needs are being met and you are reaching your personal health goals.

For some, this may look like weekly follow ups, monthly follow ups or just as needed.

Accountability accelerates your performance by helping you make consistent and steady progress towards your health goals.



15 Minutes


Are you curious about natural supplements, but you're not sure where to start?

Meet with Sheena for a private and individualized supplement regime to support your health.



15 Minutes


Did you know some prescription medications can cause nutritional deficiencies?

Or that some natural supplements shouldn't be taken with certain prescription medications?

Meet with Sheena at no charge to ensure what you are currently taking is best for you.

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