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As you are all aware, the world has faced an unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 virus. We ask that you follow the below instructions to ensure safety for both yourself and our staff:


a) Prior to arriving at the appointment please have your consent form completed.  This can be completed by visiting

  • A form must be filled out for EACH family member. Make sure you have your Alberta Health Care card with you when filling this form out. 

  • A barcode and a PIN (located below the barcode) will be generated once completed.


b) Please complete the Alberta COVID-19 Self-Assessment first, then you can return to the Web Questionnaire tab to complete the consent form.

c) We ask that you e-mail a copy of this barcode OR PIN number to ahead of arrival (day before is acceptable too). You can send us a screenshot or a downloaded PDF of the barcode, or simply e-mail us what the PIN number is. If you are having trouble with this step don't worry. One of our staff can help complete this for you during step #2.   


2. Once you arrive at the Pharmacy, please check in with the Pharmacy staff.


3. As per protocol, the pharmacy staff will take your temperature using a forehead thermometer to ensure it is safe to proceed.  

4. If it is considered safe, the Pharmacist will then prepare your injection. 

5. The Pharmacist will then complete your injection and give you any further instructions if necessary at that time.  

Please note the following:

Although masks are not mandatory for our appointments at this time (Note: this may be subject to change) they are highly recommended. Please wear a mask IF you are able to do so. 

To make your experience smooth, please avoid wearing tight fitting clothing. We will need access to one of your shoulders to administer the vaccine. The easier the access to the shoulder, the smoother the experience. 

We can only inject children that are 5 years of age and older. If your child is under 5, you must contact you doctor or AHS.

Thank you for your understanding with all these new procedures in our store! 

We are doing this to keep both you and our staff safe and healthy during these difficult times.


If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to call us at 403-932-2500.

Our address is 100 Grande Blvd #105, Cochrane AB. 

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