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The Importance of Masking

Written by Natural Skincare Expert, Alexie Millar

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Anyone that knows me most likely knows that I'm a huge fan of masking. It's probably the thing I get most excited about when it comes to skincare (just ask my husband what I do every night while the kids get ready for bed).

I love masking for 2 reasons: you get a lot more active ingredients, therefore giving you better results AND its the perfect 'slow beauty' ritual, giving you the opportunity to relax a bit, take a breather and quiet the mind.

The esthetician in me LOVES being able to see quick results and masking fills that need! But I don't just mask. I layer, I mix and I double or triple or even quadruple mask. If you're wondering what the heck I mean by that, it's that I love mixing masks together, or layering them one on top of the other or simply applying one, rinsing off then going on to the next.

Why do I do this? To maximize results!

Because sometimes the skin can be multiple things. Sometimes it can be dry and sensitive or breakout-prone and dehydrated or dull and aging. Multi-masking is the perfect way to address any and all concerns. Plus, who doesn't love a mini spa night?

My ultimate favorite mask "mashup" is combing the following masks that I use from Eminence Organics:

- Lime Stimulating Masque + stone crop mask (mixed 1:1)

The Lime Masque is hot and very stimulating, resulting in flushed skin which helps open up the pores, increase circulation and enable the release of toxins. It also has nice firming qualities!

Then, once I've rinsed that mixture off and pat dry, I apply the following:

- Clear Skin Probiotic Masque + Snow Mushroom & Reishi Masque (mixed 1:1)

With the cooling effects of both masks along with the flora replenishing probiotics and ultra hydrating and purifying benefits of snow mushroom, birch water and reishi, my skin goes from flushed & hot, to cool, calm and refreshed.

The best part of it all though, really is that my mind is taking a break and I am creating a self-care ritual that allows my emotions to take a rest. Because after all, the skin's worst enemy -sorry sun, this one takes the s

potlight- is STRESS. Specifically chronic stress.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

But why stress?

Because when we are constantly anxious, mad, frustrated or generally overwhelmed, our bodies get overloaded with cortisol and a lot of important bodily functions slow down, including our immune systems, leaving our bodies vulnerable to attacks, which can create inflammation leading to chronic conditions like eczema, dermatitis, hives, etc. And that's just what happens to the skin! Don't get me started on the gut, which has very strong ties to the "issues in our tissues".

The point is, while skincare can really help address skin issues and help to "heal" the outside, we really need to emphasize the "taking time for skincare", making it more of a stress-reducing treatment, and what better way to do that then to simply do it one mask at a time!

Sending you stress-free glowing vibes,

Peace. Love. Glow.


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