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12 Months of Wellness

Happy New Year!

Two Pharmacy would like to invite you to take part in

12 Months of Wellness.

When we start any new practice or challenge, it really pays off to have an accountability team and doing it together is just so much more fun!

This is a fantastic endeavour that alive (alive magazine) has put together and we are excited to get started!

Each month is dedicated to a different wellness practice:

January: Go plant based for a month

February: Exercise for heart health

March: Dedicate to Meditate

April: Cook for immune health

May: Make each morning magical

June: Appreciate nature daily

July: Let go each day

August: Try a new therapy

September: Prep with your family

October: Make time for self care

November: Find sugar freedom

December: Embrace low-waste holidays

Get more of the details here:

Staff members are looking forward to following along with this campaign and we invite you to join as well so that we can encourage each other to live happier healthier lives together.

It's free, educational and provides some awesome suggestions to keep us motivated and having fun along the way.

It's never too late to join and you can participate at any capacity. With the way they have it set up you can focus on the big picture month goal, the specific week focus they provide, or use their daily to-do's in a calendar setting.

How to join and what's involved:


Sign up here:

- You will receive a monthly newsletter providing you with the theme of the month and all the resources required.


Join us here: