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A New Years Practice

How are you CHOOSING to head into 2021? A new year symbolizes a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at things after reflecting on all that you have learned.

2020 could either be a year that was the worst of your life or the year of for intense self-discovery and growth. Most likely it's been both because discomfort always proceeds growth.

You've lived it, now it's time to write about it. Grab a pen and journal, find a quiet comfortable place to sit and enjoy this New Years Practice.

We encourage you to trace back to New Years Day 2020, an entire year from now... Close your eyes and remember where you were, what your goals were, who surrounded you, how you felt... then move slowly, keeping the eyes closed as you travel back in your awareness throughout the year. Continue until you are exactly where you are in the present moment.

When you have arrived in the NOW, take three deep breaths. Then ask yourself, "how am I going to LIVE in 2021?" Take a few moments to imagine, dream and visualize what 2021 will bring. When you're done, open your eyes and write down a few notes so you can return to them when you need to be inspired.

Happy New Years!

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