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Intuitive Eating

A few weeks ago Alive put out an article on Intuitive eating. You can find the full article through this link.

It is such a good reminder that we wanted to summarize the message here...

1) We have become disconnected to the way food makes us FEEL. Some causes of this are forcing strict diets upon ourself to look a certain way due to societal pressures as well as childhood messages around food ("Eat everything on your plate").

2) Intuitive eating means our body has an innate wisdom and it is our job to listen to that wisdom. Ex: listen to... signs of hunger and signs of satiation, what time of day your body wants food and what times to stop eating.

3) The focus is on body function rather than body image

4) "In theory, then, intuitive eaters will instinctively choose a variety of foods in the right amounts to help them meet their nutritional requirements and to help them feel good in their bodies."

5) The extent to which we can detect internal bodily sensations is referred to as interoceptive sensitivity. Mindfulness practices help us to become more interoceptive which leads to making better food decisions based on how that food makes us feel physically and emotionally.

6) An eating meditation is a fantastic way to increase your interoceptive sensitivity and start nourishing your bodies innate wisdom.

HERE is a guided eating meditation to get started!

Our Additional Comments:

  • It takes a while to unlearn unhealthy eating habits and then re-learn to listen to what our body actually wants and needs instead of bypassing this signals. Be kind and have patience.

  • Slow down... just the act of slowing down your consumption of food will help you learn about how foods effect you and when you are satiated.

We highly suggest you read the full article to inspire you to listen more to what your body truly needs.

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