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Mushrooms for Optimal Health

Mushrooms are all the rage and there is a good reason why!

Many forms of mushrooms have been used throughout the centuries in Ancient Chinese herbal medicine and science has jumped on board in acknowledging their potent therapeutic capacities. Over 200 different species have been used for their benefits for a variety of conditions such as cancer, digestive health conditions, liver conditions, and autoimmune issues.

When deciding which mushroom is right for you, a good place to start is with a blend. You can find blended products in powdered, tinctured and capsule forms and include them in your morning coffee, while cooking or taking them on their own.

We also highly suggest you take a look at the video below from Host Defence which will help you choose which type of mushroom is right for your unique needs.

Interested in learning more? Come to our store and talk with our natural health consultants, pharmacists or send us a message.


We are here to support you.

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